Thunderbolt Hosting. agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber, subject to the following (“Terms of Service”). Thunderbolt Hosting., the company hereafter referred to as, (“Thunderbolt Hosting“), (“Us”), (“We”) and The Client, (“Customer”), (“Client”) and (“You”). Use of Thunderbolt Hosting Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to AUP (“Acceptable Use Policy”) and ToS (“Terms of Service”). All provisions of this contract are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Thunderbolt Hosting. Subscriber understands that change to the ToS by Thunderbolt Hosting shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment.


Game server hosting, VPS hosting and web server hosting services are eligible for refunds within three twenty-four hour days of the creation of the server in our database, this point is not marked by the time at which your initial payment is processed and may differ by several hours or days. All refunds are made through the gateway in which initial payments were made. All of our other services, including product addons are not eligible for a refund. Refunds cannot be requested without probable cause; in addition to this non-monthly terms are non-refundable. Our 120 hour “5 Days” money back guarantee applies to a new client’s first order only. Refunds issued for billing errors are made on a per case basis.

PayPal Chargebacks

We have a zero tolerance on PayPal Chargebacks, any persons who claim for a chargeback will get their account instantly suspended and their services terminated without a refund.


To terminate your services you must cancel via our WHMCS billing area at using the cancellation request form. As Thunderbolt Hosting does not have access to clients PayPal account we cannot and will not be responsible for unintended payments made from using the automatic payment subscription service. A cancellation request must be submitted when a client wishes to no longer proceed with their service.


Clients are disallowed from exploiting services to modify settings of features beyond which they are permitted in their rental agreement. For instance, a client may not modify their storage count to an amount which differs from what they are renting from us.

Liability Limitation and Exclusion

Thunderbolt Hosting, under no circumstances, shall be held liable for any data loss, disruption of information, or distribution of information including that of unauthorized access to our server systems or any other loss of data. Thunderbolt Hosting shall not be held liable for any disruption, delay, or disconnection of services for any period of time. We reserve the right to terminate a client’s services in the event of a charge dispute, despite the outcome of the dispute.


Any support requests required for products from Thunderbolt Hosting shall be submitted through the billing system via tickets. Any other form of contact other than the predetermined ticket system is not guaranteed a proper answer from an official representative.


Thunderbolt Hosting cannot guarantee that all promotion codes will work all of the time.

Legal Contact

Thunderbolt Hosting retains the right to seek and consult with any appropriate authorities that may need to be involved in the event of an issue arising whether it is through violation of this policy or any other illegal occurrence requiring involvement of law-enforcement agencies. Thunderbolt Hosting regards any communication between parties as confidential, upon distribution of any communication, unless prior approval is in place, we will take action to the full extent of the law. By purchasing a server from Thunderbolt Hosting you permit us to modify your server, this includes, but is not limited to, changing settings, uploading/scripts, and other tasks related to running any server. Any verbal or written action to compromise our server systems or any other equipment owned by Thunderbolt Hosting will be taken seriously and will result in further investigation and possible lawsuits. Upon cancellation of payments to Thunderbolt Hosting your server will be suspended unless prior arrangements are made. Files will be kept as long as possible after termination or suspension however the guaranteed amount of time is unspecified. Thunderbolt Hosting retains the sole right to stop, suspend, and modify your server at any given time.

Prohibited Usage - Web Hosting

Web hosting services provided by Thunderbolt Hosting are not to be used for any of the following: pornography, file sharing/repositories/storage, fraudulent activity, extortion or blackmail. Clients utilizing this service may also not upload any sort of malicious scripts/software; this includes the following but not limited to items involving phishing, backdoors, CPU/memory eating scripts and more. The service may only be used for the purpose of hosting a website/web application. It may not be used as a central source for providing clients with mod content (Garry`s Mod, for instance).

Bandwith Policy

While we offer alot of bandwidth and space to our customers we reserve the right to request that you delete excessive file such as large logs or anything else we deem excessive. We do not support the use of any files uploaded by the user. Any uploaded files that cause the server to lag or make the web server slow are not the responsibility of Thunderbolt Hosting. Unfair usage If we find your server using any sort of system to bypass limits put on your server such as DiskSpace or CPU amount your server is subject to being terminated without refund.


We reserve all rights to terminate your server or service without reason or violations at any given time. We reserve all rights to terminate your service without notification.